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Vanilla's reaction is essentially neutral; she simply says she will obey Tact's orders.After all five Angels have voiced their initial opinions about Tact (which of course are subject to change as the player tries to woo them as the game progresses), Milfeulle leaves the room and unexpectedly catches Tact eavesdropping, and the player as Tact can choose either to confess to eavesdropping or lie about it (if the player confesses to listening in, then Milfeulle will react with shock at first but will then love Tact all the more for his honesty; if the player lies, Milfeulle will find out anyway and her opinion of Tact will be lowered to boot).Afterwards, Milfeulle expresses the wish to organize a picnic and asks Tact to invite everyone.

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The picnic is cut short prematurely when it suddenly starts raining (actually the sprinkler system going off from barbecue smoke), upsetting Milfeulle almost to the point of tears.

The Angels explain to Tact that this is a side effect of Milfuelle's luck, which is bad as well as good.

Subsequently, the Elsior is attacked by an automated fleet commanded by Rezon Mayzon, a Transbaal general who defected to Eonia's coup. Shiva, unaware of the broken state of the Imperial forces, orders Tact to return to Transbaal immediately.

Fortunately, the Angel Troupe succeed in repelling the attack and taking out Rezon's flagship. Tact must choose between attempting to let Shiva down gently, or telling him the straight truth (both options have the same eventual outcome, but the latter enables the subsequent Shiva subroute).

More specifically, Milfeulle's reaction to Tact is the most positive among the Angels; she happily endorses Tact and thinks he will be a great commander.

Ranpha's reaction is the most negative among the Angels; she openly dislikes Tact.

On the bridge of the cruiser, the Commanding Officer of the garrison, Tact Mayers, is relaxing in spite of being lectured by his executive officer, Lester Coolduras, for being too carefree in his attitude.

Enter the Angel Troupe Tact's fleet is suddenly approached by unknown fighters, along with a fleet of automated ships from the coup, but why?

Afterwards, Luft and Lester begin planning the route to Rhome, leaving Tact to explore the ship.

Here he sees a demonstration of Milfeulle's supernatural good luck firsthand as he witnesses her win a lottery prize in the Elle Ciel's convenience store.

The Angels request Tact's assistance in repulsing the automated fleet pursuing them; Tact can immediately agree (which impresses the Angels), wait and see, or attempt to flee (which displeases them).